Our firm has three locations in Massachusetts, serving Needham, Boston, New Bedford and Hingham.  The managing partner of our convenient MA offices is David K. Wilkinson, an experienced expert in family law and divorce matters.  Our firm has decades of experience to rely on to achieve the best results possible for our clients.  We strive to meet and exceed every expectation our clients share with us, and we also focus intently to achieve the best results in the most cost-effective manner.  We have been extremely successful in resolving the simplest uncontested issues quickly and efficiently, and we have been wildly successful in litigating the most complex divorcecustody and support legal issues.  We are experts in divorce discovery, civil procedure and evidence, and we understand how to put every client in the best possible situation to achieve their goals.

Our lawyers are respected in the community and recognized as experts in their field.  We have served as mentors to many young family lawyers, we have served as judicial officers, and we have given back to our community extensively.  Due to the years of experience in divorce, paternity and support actions our lawyers have the recognition and respect of our peers.

We have been successful as a firm by meeting the terms of our mission statement every day.


Our Mission

To provide high quality, compassionate, professional, and aggressive representation in a cost-effective manner that effectively and successfully accomplishes each of our client’s key objectives.

We are committed to our client’s cause. Our service is second to none, and we have a reputation for achieving results. Our success is evident from our repeat clients and from our referrals from happy clients and other lawyers.

We offer a free initial consultation that is private and confidential.  Our partner attorneys are available to meet with you immediately.  Just call us today or send us an email at your convenience.

Our firm serves all courts in Boston, Needham, Hingham, New Bedford, and all parts of Eastern Massachusetts.

Contact us at any of our convenient Massachusetts locations today! Needham and Boston (617) 795-3611, New Bedford (508) 316-9720 or Hingham (781) 908-0551.