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Sample of Cases Involving Domestic Violence and Abuse

Sample Cases Successfully Handled By Mr. Wilkinson

Over Mr. Wilkinson’s years of practicing family law, he has filed and defended a large number of domestic abuse cases.  These cases are often part of divorce or support cases, although they may be filed as its own case.  These cases are often highly contentious given that the restraining order will negatively impact the civil liberties of the defendant.  Persons served with a restraining order often vigorously defend the case filed against them.  Over the past more than ten years, Mr. Wilkinson has appeared in court countless times and argued for orders relating to domestic abuse.  Below is a small sample of these cases.

In a recent case involving a husband and wife and their two children, Mr. Wilkinson represented the wife in filing a restraining order against the husband.  Mr. Wilkinson was able to secure an immediate “move out” order which removed the husband from the family home due to the allegations of abuse.  Prior to the hearing and while at court, Mr. Wilkinson provided the husband’s attorney with evidence that husband essentially admitted to the abuse.  Mr Wilkinson was able to secure a permanent restraining order against the husband out in the hallway by an agreement, since the husband’s attorney realized that a permanent order of longer duration may be ordered by the family law judge if the case was litigated.

In a case involving a wife that attacked her husband and then tried to file a restraining order against him, Mr. Wilkinson defended the husband.  The wife was able to get temporary orders removing the husband from the house and secured child custody orders based on false information.  Mr. Wilkinson prepared an emergency, ex parte motion to “quash” the restraining order.  The judge dismissed the restraining order at the emergency hearing and ordered that the husband have custody of the children pending a further hearing.

Mr. Wilkinson represented a wife and mother in a recent case where the husband was stalking the wife and children.  Mr. Wilkinson was able to secure a permanent restraining order against the husband after a lengthy trial.

In a long and never-ending matter involving a mentally ill party, Mr. Wilkinson represented a husband in his divorce against the mentally-ill wife.  Mr. Wilkinson assisted the husband in filing a restraining order against the wife after she committed several acts of domestic violence against the husband, including keying his car, stalking his home, battering him, and harassing him with phone calls.  At trial, a permanent restraining order was entered against the wife.  The parties then proceeded to trial in their case, and the judge found that the since the restraining order was entered the wife should have only a minimal amount of custody.  Approximately one year later, the wife filed a motion attempting to get additional custody of the parties’ child.  She also began harassing the husband again.  Mr. Wilkinson assisted the husband in filing for an extension of the permanent restraining order.  In obtaining these restraining orders against the wife, Mr. Wilkinson was able to greatly assist the husband in achieving all his goals in the divorce matter and in the post-judgment matters.

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