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Motions For Financial Relief In Divorce Cases


During divorce actions, either the plaintiff or the defendant is allowed to file a motion with the Probate and Family court seeking orders pertaining to financial matters, including orders to get money back that was taken by the other spouse or to obtain financial records.  Motions are filed with the court and consist of a request for hearing, an affidavit of facts supporting the request, and perhaps the law that supports the request.

Some of the common motions family law litigants file that relate to financial issues during divorce or separate support include:

  • Motions to inspect safety deposit boxes or safes;
  • Motions to compel inspection of certain property;
  • Motions to provide federal and state tax documents;
  • Motions to compel the return of funds taken from a joint account;
  • Motions to provide bank statements;
  • Motions to return credit cards or debit cards;
  • Motions to set aside transfers of property or money;
  • Motions to return personal property including gold, silver and other valuables;
  • Motions to return business property;
  • Motions to attach property to secure support obligations; and
  • Motions to set aside loan agreement.

There are numerous motions available for participants in a divorce, separate support, custody, support or paternity case to file with the court to ensure their rights are secured.  Our attorneys are extremely experienced litigators that have dealt with these types of motions on a regular basis.  Call our office today to speak with our Boston divorce lawyers, free of charge.  You can also send us an email.

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