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Complaint Forms for Divorce


The standard form for complaint for divorce in the Commonwealth includes much important information.  The Official Divorce Complaint form is mandatory for use.  The first portion of the form includes information such as the court location, docket number, and the names of the Plaintiff and Defendant.

The complaint must allege that the Plaintiff (the Plaintiff’s address is included on the form) was lawfully married to the Defendant (if the parties were never lawfully or legally married to each other, there is no “subject matter jurisdiction” for a divorce and the court cannot hear the case).  The complaint must allege the last date in which the parties lived together.

The parties’ minor children are listed on the complaint, along with their dates of birth.

The complaint must allege the grounds for divorce.  Generally, it is advisable to be specific in the conduct that the Defendant has done to cause the termination of the marriage.

Finally, the complaint provides for the relief requested by the Plaintiff, which may include a plea for divorce, a prohibition on the Defendant from restricting the Plaintiff’s personal liberty, grant custody of a child or children, order support, order the conveyance of real estate, restore the maiden name of the Plaintiff, if applicable, and any other relief.

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