Sample of Cases Involving Child Custody and Visitation

Successful Case Samples for Child Custody

Mr. Wilkinson has litigated countless child custody and visitation matters in over ten years of family law practice.  He has also settled countless more custody and visitation cases without the necessity of litigation.  Below is a small sample of some of the matters Mr. Wilkinson has handled in the recent past.  Please note that every case is different and no facts are the same between cases.  Although Mr. Wilkinson’s efforts resulted in success in these cases, it does not mean that the results will be the same in another case.

In a recent case involving a high conflict matter between two parties struggling to choose an appropriate school for their child, Mr. Wilkinson litigated the issue extensively in court.  The issue involved is a “legal custody” issue, meaning which parent was going to be allowed to make the decisions for the child’s education.  The court looked at the parties’ respective reasons for wanting their child to attend their school of choice, and Mr. Wilkinson understood that the Court was most interested in receiving evidence about which school most benefited the child as opposed to which school most benefited a parent.  Through testimony and documentary evidence, Mr. Wilkinson guided the court to enter an order allowing his client to make the selection for where the child was to attend school.

In another recent litigation matter, Mr. Wilkinson assisted his client in responding to a “post-judgment” modification motion (called a “Request for Order” motion) filed by a former spouse to change the child custody and visitation schedule.  In preparing for the trial, also called a “long cause” hearing, Mr. Wilkinson prepared a list of examination questions for the witnesses that would result in showing the trial judge that the moving party had no basis whatsoever to modify the current custody orders.  Additionally, Mr. Wilkinson made significant and timely evidentiary objections to the other party’s moving papers, and provided the court with well-reasoned declarations and points and authorities (the law) prior to the hearing.  Ultimately, Mr. Wilkinson’s client was successful on all issues after the trial.

In yet another matter involving a post-judgment request by a party to modify custody orders, Mr. Wilkinson not only defended the motion for his client and the court did not end up making any changes detrimental to the client, but the Court actually reduced the amount of time the other parent was allowed to spend with the child.  Mr. Wilkinson strategically outlined for the court seven different requirements that the court previously ordered the other party to complete before they could move to change the orders (which Mr. Wilkinson obtained after several days of trial during his previous representation of the client), and showed the court that the other party did not fully meet those requirements.  Mr. Wilkinson’s previous representation at trial and his subsequent representation resulted in an outstanding outcome for the client.

During a recent divorce case where Mr. Wilkinson represented the Wife, our firm filed a motion for child custody and visitation and a domestic violence restraining order against the Husband for his emotional abuse of Wife and even the parties’ children.  At the hearing on the motion for custody, visitation, support, and a restraining order, Mr. Wilkinson was able to “meet and confer” with the Husband’s attorney and reach a complete and full agreement on all the issues including a “permanent” (although not lengthy) restraining order to give the parties time to separate, child custody, child support and spousal support.

These case samples are an extremely small sample of Mr. Wilkinson’s vast experience in dealing with custody and visitation matters over the past ten years.  To discuss your matter with our firm in person, contact our office today.  We offer a free, private consultation.