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Hearings in Family Law Cases


Motions and Court Hearings in Taunton, Fall River and New Bedford – Bristol County and Plymouth County

When motions are filed in family law cases (including divorce, paternity, custody, separate support, and post-judgment matters), the court sets a hearing date and all parties and their attorneys are usually required to appear.  The parties, attorneys and a judge all sit in the probate courtroom to discuss the issues at hand.

Almost all hearings are electronically recorded so that all the introduction of evidence is preserved.  Mass.Supp. Rules of the Probate and Family Court Rule 201 allows for the recording of these hearings, which include all matters except those which are preliminary or administrative in nature.  Additionally, a stenographer (i.e. court reporter) may transcribe the proceeding if either party desires such a record.

The flow and length of the hearing depends on the issues involved, the judge’s calendar that day, the complexity of the law as it relates to the issues, the speed in which the lawyers transmit information to the court, and so on.

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