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Sample of Case Successes Involving Mediation and Settlement

Sample Cases Involving Divorce Mediation and Family Law Settlement

One of the most important aspects of practicing law is the ability to negotiate settlements and resolve cases without having to go to court.  Throughout Mr. Wilkinson’s career he has excelled in reaching settlement agreements to resolve matters that result in keeping costs low for clients.  He also served as a judge pro tem, assisting parties and their attorneys in settling cases.  Mr. Wilkinson has acted as mediator for many divorce cases, assisting the parties by explaining the law to them so they understand what rights and responsibilities they have, then assisting them reach agreements on all issues, and then preparing all of the appropriate paperwork to file the parties’ agreement and judgment with the court.

Below are examples of cases Mr. Wilkinson handled by mediating the case or negotiating settlement terms.

In one case where the parties disputed the date in which they separated by over twenty years, the parties refused to budge on their respective positions.  The case proceeded to trial and after opening arguments were made and witnesses began to testify, the negotiations between Mr. Wilkinson and the opposing counsel increased.  After several breaks from trial, Mr. Wilkinson was able to convince the other party and her attorney that their position was less than ideal.  The parties reached a full agreement.

Mr. Wilkinson mediated a case recently where the parties lived in different states.  The mediation was completed using modern technology.  The parties were able to complete paperwork and submit it electronically, and Mr. Wilkinson was able to meet with the parties via the internet.  Using Go To Meeting, the parties were able to meet with Mr. Wilkinson from the comfort of their own homes.

In a recent matter involving a high-conflict divorce matter, Mr. Wilkinson was able to secure a favorable settlement for his client.  The parties were unable to reach an agreement previously after several other attorneys were involved in the case.  Mr. Wilkinson’s client, the wife, had a previous attorney that she fired before hiring Mr. Wilkinson to take the case to trial.  Before trial, Mr. Wilkinson was able to secure an agreement with the opposing party by inviting the party and his attorney to Mr. Wilkinson’s office and negotiating a fair agreement.  Mr. Wilkinson was able to understand the complexities of the case and use several negotiating tactics to ultimately resolve the case.

Mr. Wilkinson has participated in countless divorce, paternity, domestic abuse, and support settlements.  For more information about divorce and other family law matters and to schedule a free consultation, call or email our office today.

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"My experience with W&F has been very positive. David has proven himself to be a skilled negotiator & litigator."
Ryan G.