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Commonly Used Forms in Family Law Cases in Massachusetts

Commonly Used Forms in Family Law Cases in Massachusetts

Posted on July 15th, 2014

List of Commonly Used Family Law Forms in Commonwealth of Massachusetts

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Below are some of the commonly used forms in family law (divorce, paternity, support, etc.) in Massachusetts.  These forms are a relatively small sample of the many forms required to complete a divorce, custody, support, domestic abuse or other family law matter.

Divorce – Joint Petition (1A form) – Complaint for Divorce 1A

When both parties completely agree on every issue you file a 1A.

Divorce – Complaint for Divorce (irretrievable breakdown) – Complaint for Divorce

One spouse files against the other claiming a “no –fault” divorce based only upon irretrievable breakdown of the marriage. (1B)

Complaint for Divorce (other grounds) (1B) – Complaint for Divorce 1B

One spouse files against the other on fault grounds such as adultery, desertion, cruel and abusive treatment, etc.

Complaint for Separate Support – Complaint for Separate Support

Is filed when married person requires support of themselves or their child(ren) but don’t want to file for divorce.

Complaint for Custody/Support/Visitation – Complaint for Sup Custody and Visitation

Form is filed when parties were never married but want to request support, custody and/or visitation of the child(ren).

Complaint to Establish Paternity – Complaint to Establish Paternity

For parties that were never married and the alleged father is not on the child’s birth certificate.  One party wants to request adjudication, custody and/or visitation of the child.

Complaint for Custody

For parties that are married and one wants to request the court for custody of their child(ren).

Petition for Grandparent Visitation  –Petition for Grandparent Visitation

For a grandparent seeking visitation with his or her grandchild(ren)

Complaint for Contempt – Complaint for Contempt

When a court order was issued and a party didn’t obey the order.

Complaint for Modification- Complaint for Modification

When a Judgment has been entered and a change in circumstances has occurred since the Judgment then the Judgment needs to be changed by the court.

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