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Fall River Family Law Attorneys

Wilkinson & Finkbeiner, LLP, a family law firm, provides legal services to clients living in Fall River, Massachusetts.  Located conveniently in New Bedford, a very short drive from Fall River, our lawyers are available to meet with you immediately if you have a divorce, paternity or domestic abuse matter.  We can begin our discussions once you contact our office by phone or email.  We offer free parking for our clients.

Our Fall River clients often ask questions about their case and not surprisingly, many of the questions we have heard many times in the past.  Here are some of the common questions asked by our clientele residing in Fall River.

Do I need to hire an attorney that works in Fall River if I live in Fall River?

The answer is no.  In Bristol County, which is the county in which Fall River sits, the Probate and Family Court Registrar requires all cases to be filed in Taunton, regardless of where the parties reside within the county.  Although there are court locations in New Bedford and Fall River as well as Taunton, every case must be filed in the main courthouse in Taunton.  A judge is assigned to the case and the judges rotate locations during the week.  As a result, divorce clients may have their hearings in Taunton, Fall River, or New Bedford.

How much does a divorce case cost?

Divorce cases can be extremely simple and cost very little, or they can be extremely complex and cost more.  There are several factors that will help determine how much a divorce case will ultimately cost, including how cooperative the parties are and how many agreements they can reach without having to involve the courts, how complex the parties’ assets are (for example, are there businesses involved, are there many real properties involved, etc.), and how difficult the lawyers involved may be.  Our firm offers a variety of services to fit every budget, including drafting paperwork, providing hourly consultations where we can provide legal advice, and full representation.

What is involved in the divorce process?

Divorce cases are contested or uncontested.  In uncontested cases, a joint petition is filed and a separation agreement is filed at the same time.  One court hearing will be necessary to confirm the fairness of the agreements.  In contested cases, the procedure can be very complex but starts with the filing of a complaint for divorce.  The other party is served, and both parties must complete financial disclosures.  The parties may conduct discovery or file motions for temporary orders.  Contested cases end with a trial or the parties can always come to an agreement.  In all cases, it is prudent to have an experienced divorce attorney on your side.

More about Fall River:

Fall River is the tenth largest city in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.  Fall River was made famous in the 19th century as the leading textile manufacturer in the United States.  One of Fall River’s biggest attractions is Battleship Cove, the world’s largest collection of World War II navel vessels.   Another significant attraction in Fall River is the annual ethnic Great Holy Ghost Festival that occurs every year in August at Kennedy Park.  Fall River is conveniently located between the Providence, Rhode Island metropolitan area and the Boston metropolitan area.  Fall River is also a short drive down Interstate 195 to New Bedford.

Our firm specializes in all family law matters, including divorce, separate support, spousal support, child custody and paternity, and domestic abuse.  We are mediators as well as aggressive litigators when needed.  We will discuss your case and the options available to you during a private, free consultation with out expert divorce lawyers.

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