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Intersection of Education Law and Family Law

Intersection of Education Law and Family Law

Posted on November 11th, 2019

This fall, W&F attorneys Meredith DeJesus Caradimos and David Wilkinson had the opportunity to speak to approximately 500 educators at the annual Special Education Summits put on by the wonderful education lawyers at Lyons & Rogers, LLC.

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Issues that involve both education law and family law are routinely prevalent throughout Massachusetts.  For example, educators often review and try to interpret family law orders and judgments, deal with parents in the midst of custody disputes, and maneuver through 209A restraining orders issues between parents.  The Special Education Summits help educators through the tough challenges that they and their staff deal with every day.

If you are an educator in Massachusetts, the annual summits put on by Lyons & Rogers, LLC are can’t miss.  Please check their website for more information about the summits happening in the fall of 2020!