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Massachusetts Online Divorce Mediation – FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions about Online Mediation

We are here to help you and have designed an extremely fast and effective mediation program that allows anyone with a Massachusetts divorce case to have access to a qualified expert.

What does online mediation for divorce cost?

The cost for your mediation will depend on the complexity of your case and whether you want our office to complete all the paperwork for you.  We have several options to choose from, including “Option 1” which includes mediation, instructions to complete your case, and whatever other information you need.  “Option 2” includes mediation, answering all questions, and completing all the paperwork necessary to divorce (including a separation agreement).  Finally, if neither one of those options works with your schedule and budget, contact us and we will determine some other method to help you.  Click here for more information about options.

How long does it take?

Once we receive your paperwork, we will schedule your mediation immediately.  Simply send us some dates and times that work for you.  In many cases, we can meet with you the same day that you contact us.  If you want us to draft all the documents necessary to divorce, we can usually accomplish that task within 24-48 hours after the conclusion of the mediation and all the agreements are reached.

How do I discuss online mediation with my spouse?

First, send them the link to our website (  That way, they can read about the program and understand it.  Second, describe the benefits of mediation which include the low cost, extremely fast results, and the fact that you will be mediating your case with a specialist in divorce.  Third, send them this Huffington Post article from 2012, which provides the top 10 benefits of mediating a divorce case.

What kind of computer equipment do I need?

You only need a camera, microphone, speakers and an Internet connection.  All modern laptops have these items built in.  You can also participate using an iPad or other tablet.

Any other questions?

Contact us!

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