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Divorce and Family Lawyers North Attleborough (Attleboro)

Divorce Help In North Attleborough

Our law firm serves parties seeking or responding to divorce residing in North Attleboro, Massachusetts.  This page is designed to answer your questions about divorce and other family law matters.  We are available for an immediate, private and free consultation to discuss your rights and options in straightforward language.

We often answer questions relating to divorce and other family law matters for clients and potential clients living in North Attleborough, such as the following.

Where are divorce cases filed for parties living in North Attleborough?

All divorce cases in Bristol County are filed in Taunton, which is where the main courthouse is located.  One of several judges will be assigned to the case when it is filed, and depending on where that judge is sitting (because they move around during the week), a party with a home in North Attleborough may have a hearing in Taunton, Fall River, or New Bedford on any given day.

What can I expect to pay an attorney to handle my divorce?

Divorce cases can be extremely complex and expensive.  They can also be extremely simple.  It depends largely on the cooperativeness of the parties and the complexities of the issues involved.  We have represented hundreds of parties in court and we have represent hundreds of others by simply helping complete paperwork.  We strive to keep costs as low as possible, but we have litigated many cases where the other party is not cooperative.  Many times we seek attorney fees from the other party.  We offer a free consultation to discuss the complexities of your case and can outline a likely cost.

How do I respond to a divorce case that my spouse served on me?

If your spouse filed a divorce case, they will be called the “plaintiff” and you will be called the “defendant”.  The judge assigned to your case will generally not consider who is the plaintiff and who is the defendant (it most often doesn’t matter in family law and probate cases).  If you have been served with a divorce case and you live in Bristol County, Massachusetts, you should contact an attorney immediately.  You only have a very short period of time to file your answer to the case and if you fail to do so, they other party can move forward in the case without you (called a “default”).  Additionally, your spouse may have filed a “motion” with the court, which is where the court sets a hearing to make orders on certain “temporary” issues such as child custody, support including alimony, restraining orders, and so forth.  You might only have a few days to respond to such a motion.

How long does a divorce case take?

Divorce cases can be short or long and it all depends are the parties’ cooperation.  If parties have an agreement and their case is “uncontested”, it may only take weeks or months to get a divorce hearing.  If parties have a “contested” case and one or both parties is uncooperative, the case can take a long time.

Do I have to take a parenting course?

If you have children and you are going through divorce, yes.

North Attleborough (also often written as North Attleboro) is a center of business and commerce with a small industrial park and many shops along Route 1 which travels through the center of town.  The town has many rivers, ponds, lakes and parks.  North Attleborough’s largest park is the World War I Memorial Park, located in the northern part of town and contains the highest point in Bristol County, Sunrise Hill at 390 feet above sea level.  North Attleborough is located 16 miles north of Providence, Rhode Island and 38 miles southwest of Boston.  North Attleborough is an easy drive to New Bedford, which is were our office is located.  We offer free parking right in the middle of downtown.  Notably, North Attleborough has a large population of over 27,000 with the median household income of almost $70,000.  The town is certainly affluent despite its designation as an “industrial” town.  The town has a nice new website – click here.

Our firm specializes in all family law matters, including divorce, separate support, child custody and paternity, temporary orders, and domestic abuse.  We offer a private, free consultation with our expert divorce lawyers to discuss the issues involved in your case and to discuss your options.

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